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Winter Care  


We winterize our cars and homes.  We deck our halls.  We make lists and check them twice.  There is much to enjoy about this time of year, but the cold-weather months can greet us with some adversity. Not only do we spend more time indoors with the sense that days go by so quickly when it gets dark so early, we are also less likely to socialize or connect with others. The additional drop of temperature and the unique challenges of 2020 are likely to minimize both social and physical activity. We might not feel like driving, exercising, and many of us have had to postpone traveling. We may even feel cold, weary, and achy at times. The isolation of winter could potentially  lead  to loneliness and other negative feelings.  

It is more imperative than ever this winter build a self-care reserve at home and if possible, at work. This means acquiring or creating soft and inviting things - and having them at your fingertips. At Amaré, we have aroma therapy candles, chakra sprays, and essential oils made with the purest ingredients to relax, restore, and uplift your mood and spirit.  Leave them in your bedroom, bathroom, or work space - so they're just a grab away.  

Select a mug or cup that's special or comforting to you. Have one that's special in this way both at home and at work and fill it to the brim with Aveda’s signature comforting tea (we have tea bags and loose-leaves), breathe in the sweet aroma and simply enjoy the moment. Plan for de-stressing by having preset radio stations that play relaxing music or iTunes playlists that bring spa-like surround sounds- in the salon, we play Music for Studying on Pandora and everyone seems to enjoy it! 


Carve out moments of joy and mindfulness for yourself- keep one of those pretty coloring books, a writing journal, or some art supplies near so creative self-expression happens easily.  Use the simple art of movement, stretching and walking to awaken and soothe your body.  Care for your skin with the power of nature. Maintain the healthy, natural glow of summer with our naturally-derived skincare specific to your needs. Enhance your bathing ritual with body care available in your favorite Aveda aroma.  Choose our Beautifying or Stress-Fix collection for an even richer experience and deeper moisturizing.  Add stress-relieving soaking salts and composition oil to create a spa atmosphere.   Reserve an appointment or simply stop in to browse and visit.  Remember, we are here for you always! 

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