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October 2021 


     This month’s post was originally going to focus on hair washing and no wash day rituals.  It feels like more than coincidence that so many of our guests have been wanting to talk about thinning hair at the same time that  Aveda is expanding the Invati Collection.  No wash days can wait until next time- Let's dive in to this (often sensitive) subject together! 


     Hair thinning and loss can happen to both men and women.  There are multiple reasons for this which include hormone imbalances, stress, illness, medications, sun damage, impaired circulation, and vitamin deficiencies.  When hair is habitually arranged in styles that pull tightly on the roots, a hair loss condition called “traction alopecia” can occur leaving hair sparse at the scalp.  


     If the part in your hair is widening or your hair line is getting higher, you find bald spots, or you’re shedding more than 125 hairs per day, you’re likely experiencing hair loss or thinning- which is different from hair shedding (a normal process in which new hairs grow simultaneously).  It could be helpful to discuss these symptoms with a medical professional to determine and address the underlying cause. 


     The Aveda Invati Collection was developed by two Ayurvedic Physicians and scholars to address this common and often frustrating issue without the use of harsh, and sometimes flammable chemicals used in the mainstream industry.  The 18- year long journey of research and testing over 100 plant actives was truly a labor of love! 


     Invati is naturally derived and naturally potent in reducing hair loss by 53% and providing instant thickening results.  Wintergreen-derived salicylic acid removes build-up, excess oil and sweat that can clog pores to help create a healthy foundation for new growth.  


     Certified organic Amla is rich in vitamins and minerals to nourish the scalp and regenerate cells in the hair follicle strengthen hair to prevent breakage.  Antioxidants and phosphorous minimize grays and support scalp cells. The tannins in Amla increase the diameter of each hair shaft, instantly thickening and lifting hair at the root.   


     Multiple double blind studies have shown Amla to greatly outperform Minoxodil for hair density and new growth! Minoxodil can also cause numerous adverse effects such as scalp irritation, dryness, sealing, itching, erythema, and contact dermatitis. Invati is formulated to prevent all of these. 


The Ayurvedic herb blend also contains ginseng and certified organic turmeric for their calming and anti-inflammatory properties. Tangerine peel keeps hydrates the scalp and  prevents dandruff. Japanese knotweed supports natural keratin production which is often disrupted by hormone changes. 


     The Invati collection was recently relaunched as Invati Advanced with an enhanced Revitalizer that only needs one application a day, a more lathering shampoo and a more hydrating conditioner.  You can now also choose “light” for finer hair and “rich” for dryer, textured hair types. 


     Invati Men is a nearly identical formula, the difference being it is a two-step system, with a shampoo and scalp treatment. Instead of a conditioner, conditioning ingredients are added to the shampoo for convenience. (A few of our busy guest use the men’s collection!)  The men’s Scalp Revitalizer is a drip-free serum instead of the spray in the women’s line. This was designed specifically for men so the serum would stay on the scalp and not run off.  This product is also ideal for women with very short hair or pixie cuts.   


     Arriving this month are some of Aveda’s most innovative products yet.  Invati has been expanded to include Intensive Hair and Scalp Masque, Thickening Foam, and Brow Thickening Serum.


     The Masque is a great way to start experimenting with this collection.  Kukui oil is the most abundant ingredient and nourishes, thickens, and stimulates hair follicles. 


     Thickening Foam can be used with or without the rest of the collection. Similar to Thickening Tonic, this styling product not only creates a thicker look- it adds shine, heat protection, and a flexible, all day, hold. 


     Thickening Brow Serum is exactly what it sounds like and is becoming one of our favorite products at the salon!  The serum is easy to apply, can be used under makeup and brow pencil (which you won’t need much longer!), and offers instant definition and thicker, denser brows in as little as four weeks, with full results in about 3 months. 


     We care greatly about our guests and practice deep listening in order to discover and address each need.  Anytime you have a question or concern about the health and condition of your skin and hair, we are here for you.  If we don’t have an answer, we will find it for you.  Call us, text us, email, or just stop in. We have samples and an ever growing knowledge base to help you look and feel as amazing as you truly are. 


See you in the chair! 

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