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Amaré Guide to Hair Washing

Updated: Nov 10, 2021

As an Aveda Lifestyle Salon, teaching guests how to care for their hair and maintain a salon fresh look at home is a vital part of every appointment. The concerns we hear about most often are dryness, excess oil, frizz, and thinning (often not from shedding, but breakage). While we are able to recommend the perfect Aveda products to address each individual need, one piece of advice we give to almost everyone who sits in our chairs is (gasp) less hair washing. If you are like most of our guests, you are probably surprised to hear this and maybe feeling a little reluctant to adopt this idea. There is no definitive answer to exactly how often hair should be washed and your hair and scalp needs can vary week to week. When giving recommendations, we consider each guest's hair type, styling routines, daily activities, and whether they use hair color.

Finding the right wash ritual is a lot like a quest for balance. Shampooing too often can strip too much of the natural oil from hair making it appear wiry and frizzy. Just as plants can be overwatered, over washing your hair can also cause damage. This phenomenon is called hygral fatigue. This occurs when your hair cuticle is damaged due to excessive moisture entering and exiting the cuticle. Applying a little Nutriplenish multi-use hair oil as a pre-shampoo on dry hair can reduce this effect. However, shampooing too little can also have negative effects. If you’re under-washing your hair, build-up can cause irritation and flaking.

If you exercise, sweat a lot, have very fine or oily hair, or spend your days in humid conditions, you may be one of the few who needs to shampoo every day. It is important you take your own personal habits and preferences about how your hair looks and feels into consideration when seeking a hair washing schedule that works for you. A simple routine seems to work for all hair types is every other day.

Aveda makes it quick and easy to refresh any hair type and style. Save time and water, preserve your hair color, and keep your mane at its healthiest with Aveda's diverse collection of no wash day products. Shampowder is a dry shampoo that absorbs oil and soothes the scalp. It is easy to use and is great for travel! Rinseless Refresh keeps textured hair clean, hydrated and well defined. Foam Reset is great for all hair types and feels like a wash- without the wash! If refreshing a heat style, spray Heat Relief on strands for heat protection and a bouncy hold.

All the products in this collection feature Aveda's signature Shampure aroma and leave hair feeling shower fresh.

Guests who give our hair washing recommendations a chance always return excited about how much healthier their hair looks and feels. They often tell us that they recieved more compliments on their hair- even though at first they felt a little nervous to go out and about without washing first! If you are looking to change your routine or are curious about what products or wash schedule is best for you, our team can help. Reserve an appointment, call, text, or just sop by our store. We are always here for you!

Discover your No-Wash Day Hero here:

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